Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bone Bender 2011

This past weekend was the first duo race for Garet and I of the year and it was time to kick it off right. Unfortunately for me Garet doesn't run who would figure with those long legs some sobb story about him blowing up before getting on his bike so I maned up and started the race. With the run up the hill to the bike I was off right behind John Shotler into the trail and we where racing. Kent McNeil and another guy weren't far behind. The trail was sweet and the course layout was one of the best I've raced. So as things where going well shredding right a long popping down a hill a few kids and a dad spectating a little close had me swerving off the trail and next thing I know a stick lodged in the drive train and I locked them up before the bike suffered damage. Off the bike and I ripped out the stick and hear a unpleasant sound of a tire losing air, dang it man. So instead of messing with it I wanted to see how far I could go so I jumped back on the bike and off I went. At around mile 3 of 10 all the corners are feeling really squirrely so I backed her down a bit to keep from having to fix the tire. As the miles clipped off I keep thing someone should be catching up soon and sure enough Chris Ploch came nipping at my heals with about 2 miles to go so I picked things up to keep him content enough not to pass. We rolled through the transition together chatting a bit about how he got super clogged up in a mess of people at the start and me trying not to run over kids. It all worked out as the laps kept rolling and Garet and I kept slowly increasing are lead and pulled out the Win. Go Ethos!!