Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sunday fun Day

My buddy Dominic which I've known since I was in preschool called and we made plans to head to the new Boss venue at the bmx park in Raytown, Mo. He hadn't seen a cross race before and no better day to watch, it was a beautiful fall 60 degree day. I loaded my bikes Sunday morning with a pair of cross bikes and the new Single speed 29er purchase #3 or #4 of the fall I can't remember. Ya I'm on trying to bring back the economy on my own, one bike at a time. Upon arriving the first thing i did while still driving up was roll down the window and yelled out to Jeff Yielding "go get him!". Dom laughed and i said, yell anything you want it's cool racers dig it that and it takes there mind off the pain for a few seconds.

I started to do a slow warm up lap just to get a feel for how my legs where going to get moving, not to bad surprising. Not much explosion out of the corners but who needs that for cross, or do you? The course had a tight techinical area that lead you on to the bmx track, which was awesome I might add. It was as hard as concrete a crazy 12' corner and a pump track, man it was something different and fun. Some guys had some serious issues with it though, hrough out the day several guys headed to the hospital with broken bones and stitches.

Teammate Andrew Coe and myself started to do are warm up continuing to loosen up and my legs were coming around. We couldn't hurt to notice that the KCCX crew was going to have all there local racers here today which makes for a fast pace race. I have been looking forward to racing those guys but they have been traveling most the early fall. I knew Andrew could gun it out with the best just fine and I'm more there for entertainment purposes. One of my favorite things to do is get the hole shot don't no why mainly just to see if I can. Today was no different the whistle blew and I was off with the hole shot. The plan, well actually I didn't have one, never do just go give it everything. Let me back up for a second though before we started out I noticed Shadd Smith had a bike cam, i told him make sure you get a some footage of my back side. So it worked out I got the hole shot and he was on my ass with the camera haha.

Man my legs came apart quick by lap two I was done or so I thought. I slowed down a touch for a lap to regroup and watch a herd of 5 guys come by. It didn't matter much I had to slow down but before long I was going hard again started pulling Bill Marshall and Britton back in. Britton was hurting after doing the single speed race and hanging with the big guns for several laps in the open race. I came by Britton and pulled up to Bill with 3 laps to go I had to make a plan. My legs still weren't great but I figured I could pull off one more attack but when should I do it . My best option would be in the techinical part of the course but it was really early in the lap which gave him plenty of time to catch me, so I planned for the sprint finish. Coming around the final corner we were on it but in lap traffic it ,didn't matter it was on and I put myself in great position. I was in the drops and laying the wood we bumped each other just a touch and buzzed through the finish line. I clipped him by a tire length. Best race I've been in all season, this is what cross is all about! Andrew finished 3rd and myself 6th.

Dom and I headed to Swope for some afternoon mountain biking.