Thursday, December 8, 2011

Missouri State championship

Probably one of my best days of racing ever. The race got going around lap 3 with Dan, Josh, John and myself breaking away from the field and everyone started beginning to make attacks. The game plan was to have the rockets father and daughter team work the bike changes and they did it to a tee. Dan Miller breaking another Di2 rear derailer and John Schottler getting wrapped up in tape left Josh and me battling it out. The typical result is him going by me and me getting dropped. Today wasn't quite the same, ya he went by but every attack he laid down I just dug a little deeper and stayed on. We both made some mistakes but by the end of the race Schottler didn't catch me and Josh finished 10ish seconds in front of me. Finished 2nd

Boss Cross #4

At least the rain was keeping the bike fairly clean. Finished 3rd on the day behind Andrew Coe and Josh Johnson.

Jingle cross

Day 3 of jingle cross, would of been nice to have a pit bike.