Sunday, April 8, 2012

Post race recovery

Post race recovery in full affect thanks wifey!:)

God's country XC

Great day to race. Things started off fast with Aaron up front and about mile 1 I burped my tire so had to slow just a touch. Jp was behind me and a few minutes later said you don't looks so comfortable I replied ya the back of my bike is all squirrely. He said yes it is. We rolled the first lap together and I told him I was going stop to hit the tire with a CO. He so kindly soft pedaled a few seconds and then we took off like rockets on our second lap.

We were doing some real flossing making that trail look straight. Rolling through the finish the not so accurate chip timing was in play said a 30 min and change lap. No to bad considering no on from what I here has ever broke 30 minutes. We headed out on our final lap about a minute behind Aaron, we continued a relentless pace on catching him but we new he would have to make a mistake in order for it to happen. Has the end of the race was near Jp and I started chatting about if we one of us could of dropped each other together I don't think as we are pretty dang close when it comes down to putting the wood to the trail. It should be great year of racing for team Ethos.

O also according to Jp's Strava report it said our second lap was a 29 minutes 51 seconds which is the fastest lap recorded. Kinda cool on top of that our third lap was 30'02" second fastest lap recorded. Makes me wonder with out the minor tire issue on the first lap could of been. O well that's racing. We did pull back with in 25 seconds of Aaron.