Monday, October 31, 2011

The ride the race

So this passed weekend my buddy Mark Cole texted a line and asked if I wanted to ride some gravel. It was a tough call I had done the Tuesday night universe practice race and did a little bit of a smattering of riding including the Pirate ride on my new single speed (purchase number 2).

Not having ridden a single speed but a few times a couple years ago I didn't know much about them except to pedal pedal. The lights where on and we were a rolling, let the bushwhacking begin I don't think we touch a standard piece of trail all night. Things where going good except for the fact I had no idea how to set my front fork, i was bouncing all of over the place. I couldn't tell if I just did know how to ride this thing or i didn't have it set up right. I think it was the ladder of the two, about half way through the ride on a steep decent I ejected, launched over the bars and was picking myself off the ground before I knew it. With a dented head and cracked helmet I was a wreck. The brain healed after a couple days and I was ready for more. I headed to Swope Friday on the single speed for some good old fashion riding. I made a few tweaks to the bike and I was in love man this thing is sweet. I recommend everyone owning at least one especially for some fall goodness.

Back to the gravel, Mark was for sure I was going to bail and he awaited my morning retreat call but not this time, I buzzed him in route. As I pulled up with a surprise on is face we where ready to pull off. Being he lives in Spring Hill close to the gravel I figure I'll be making this journey often this winter since I'm a good 35 miles from any. He had planned us a route of 50ish miles out his front door. I reminded him I had a cross race on Sunday and didn't want to crush the ride just go out and spin. Well thats always is an interesting problem I have, I seem to do everything with max intensity. So climb after climb I pulled up and Mark pulled me down, he has some wicked arrow bars and we would cruise 25 to 30 mph on the flats and up to 40 on the descents. So as the miles buzzed by, he told me we were crushing is best time on this route. We finished up in about 2 1/2 hours which was plenty for my first gravel of the year. My legs were spent and I was glad to be down but was already wondering how my legs would feel on sunday..

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