Sunday, September 25, 2011

Herman CX

So the cross season is underway and I actually started the season a little earlier than I typically do. Not sure why it just worked out that way. I've got few more mountain bike races this season and I figured I lack putting myself in the torcher chamber on the mountain bike so mixing some cx races in would help it out. Herman cx is a two day event first night under the lights followed by Sunday afternoon. I never know what to expect in the early season but rest assure no matter how fit you are it's going to hurt. Being a mountain biker as my primary disipline the dirt crits are tough. The race started fast like all cx races not 50 ft off the starting line I was in a little bump and grind and watch the field fly by, I knew this wasn't good, I have enough trouble staying with the fast guys out there more importantly trying to catch them... ya right. After digging past 30 guys through out the first couple laps I settled for 9th in the open race. Day two started with a little breakfast and coffee followed by breaking down the campsite. I really enjoyed just chilling all morning moving around at a leasurely pace. So after a little warm up with Andrew Coe we headed to the starting line. Good news to my ears was a called up for me sense I was in the top 10 the night before. I'm a pretty fast starter so the front row suits me well. The course ran the same direction as the night before which is a little different than the standard one direction one day and flip it the next. So the bell and the sprint starts down the pavement I settled in wirlth the lead group around 5th as we twisted around the course I moved up to 4th for a bit but fell off the top 3 guys they where just moving faster than I could. So lap after lap I got to pull myself down the pavement, no fun. I did get caught by one guy and settle in at 5th after one of my teammates cramped up.

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