Sunday, September 25, 2011

Manion Cx

So another double hitter weekend of Cross racing and the engine is coming around. With a lighter field this weekend and a tight and twistie off camber course I had high hopes of doing well. A hand full of fast guys including Andrew Coe and John Shottler lined up at the starting line. With not much deal the whistle blew and I took the hole shot. The 5 second lead off the gun was shorted lived with John weeding his way through the field and on to my heals as the first lap ended. As we came through the barn the coursed handed been marked correctly and i took off the wrong direction, shottler realized i was locking the brakes up and he made the right turned just in time and that was the last I saw him that guy is super strong. Andrew was charging strong and came by next. I settled in 3rd and couldn't pull him back in but did keep quite a gap on the rest of the field. This course defintely favorited some handling skills and a ton of start and stop power.

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