Sunday, September 25, 2011

Manions day 2

So it was really up in the air weather I was going to make it out or not. I had a morning project of drilling holes through a steal plate up on a ladder, as the hours passed and my arms where failing me I kept thinking man my upper body is toast how am I going to race. Well the project ended right at noon which gave me a couple hours before race time. No lunch no time I hot footed it home to jump in my car and head to the race. I arrived a little after 1:00 just in time to register and get a bit of a warm up, the legs where sluggish and the upper body roached but to the starting line we headed. The course today flowed better than the day before so things where going to be interesting with all the loose corners. The whistle and we are off as I stand and power away out my foot comes unclipped, not good and as I clip it in the other one pops out and my chain drops. I'm thinking are you kidding me really 20' off the starting line. To the back I go and watch the field ride off. I did get the chain on and mount up, nothing like starting 30 seconds back on the whole field. I started laying down some power and pulled my way back up to the tail end group and quickly made my way through the back half. By the end of the lap I think I was sitting maybe 8th or so and continued my mission of picking riders off. It takes a ton more energy to move around picking less than optimum lines in order to pass riders especially when you are going a ton fast. Eventually I made my way to 4th place and sitting on 3rd wheel with 2nd in my sites. With a mechanical 2nd through 4th are now wheel to wheel with 7 laps to go. Eventually Brian Jenson and myself dropped his teammate. I was sitting on Jenson's wheel for a couple laps and I could see he was a little stronger on the straights but I was cornering much stronger. So my plan was to make a move before the next set of twisties and get a gap to keep him off me before the next straight. The plan worked perfectly, I made the move and created the gap. On the straight he did reel me back in but I new there was some more turns on the horizon. I took the first one a little to hot gambling the rubber would stick, next I know I'm ejected and picking myself off the ground. I'm back on and my bars are twisted with not enough time to cover the lost groud I had to settle in to 3rd. Andrew road way with win, while Jenson took 2nd.

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